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How to speak monkey: The language of cotton-top tamarins - Anne Savage

How to speak monkey: The language of cotton-top tamarins - Anne Savage

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/do-you-speak-monkey-the-language-of-cotton-top-tamarins-anne-savage The cotton-top tamarin is a very vocal ...

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Golden Lion Tamarins

Dublin zookeeper Susan O'Brien lives out a lifelong dream by travelling half way across the world to the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil and visits golden lion ...

Emperor Tamarins at London Zoo - Making Animal Babies - BBC

A family of Emperor Tamarins at London Zoo are tranferred to an outdoor enclosure to improve their breeding. Great video from BBC show Making Animal ...

Tamarin Monkey


Meet the Golden Lion Tamarin Family at the Palm Beach Zoo

Meet the Golden Lion Tamarin family at the Palm Beach Zoo and learn how the Zoo is helping to protect this endangered species!

Emperor Tamarin Compliation

Thanks for watching! If you like the video, give it a \

The Amazing Adaptation That Keeps Tamarin Numbers Up

Golden lion tamarins have evolved a clever way to keep their population size steady in the face of predation. They almost always give birth to twins. From the ...


A couple of tiny monkeys at an exotic pet store (they weren't for sale, and were very well taken of)


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Pet tamarins cotton top and gold handed

Pet tamarins Kenya the gold handed, Q the cotton top with the shortest tail, Bookie the cotton top with a whit e and wide face and Jasper the cotton top with the ...

My tamarins

New tamarin sleeping cage.

Conservation Connection: Cotton Top Tamarin

Did you know that Cotton Top Tamarins: - Each have a unique pouffy hairstyle? - Spoon each other at night? - Are one of the most endangered primates?


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Up-close-and-personal with the Cotton-top Tamarins

Check out this adorable, up-close-and-personal hang out with Gizmo and Clementine! Due to deforestation, Cotton-top tamarins are critically endangered!

Golden Lion Headed Tamarins New Home - Cincinnati Zoo

Two new Golden Lion Headed Tamarins are making themselves at home in their new exhibit at the Jungle Trails Exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. This is a breeding ...

Cottontop Tamarins and Dinosaurs...

If dinosaurs lived together with tamarins...

The Cotton-Top Tamarin Hangs On for Survival

This little lady is a cotton-top tamarin at Boise Zoo. With the stocky build of something out of the Gremlins and the smooth locks of the frontman of an '80s hair ...

Emperor Tamarins

30 Seconds of Cuteness. Emperor Tamarins at the Como Zoo in St. Paul, MN. Tried to quiet the background noise, but it still sounds like a zoo.

Emperor Tamarins


Golden Lion Tamarin

Discovery-News.com: With mouthfuls of mealworms, this family of Golden Lion Tamarins work for their food. Jorge Ribas hangs out with these curious monkeys.

First Whispers of Tamarin Monkeys Observed

A group of Tamarin Monkeys were caught whispering to each other, making them the first non-human primates to be observed doing so. A group of Tamarin ...

Cotton top Tamarins at the Singapore Zoo

Adorable Cotton-top Tamarins being fed live crickets by the zookeeper at the Singapore Zoo.

Emperor Tamarins

School project about Emperor Tamarins. We studied them at Cotswold Wildlife Park and then write up all the facts on a prezi along with this video.


Coucou voici un jus tres bon pour la sante pour vous le jus de tamarin appele chez nous en Cote d'Ivoire ( TOMI) tres delicieux et qui soigne beaucoup de ...

Golden Lion Tamarins

Next time you're in Tropic World: South America, be sure to look up! These golden lion tamarins love to run back and forth over the vines. www.czs.org.

Le tamarin-lion - singe - primate - Brésil

Depuis 20 ans, la biologiste Dr. Cecilia Kierulff lutte pour sauver le tamarin lion à tête dorée de l'extinction. Pour retrouver d'autres documentaires animaliers, ...

Protecting Cotton-Top Tamarins

Learn about the critically endangered cotton-top tamarin and efforts that Disney and Proyecto Tití are making to protect this small Colombian monkey.

Golden Lion Tamarins in the Trees at Brookfield Zoo

Now through mid-September, a pair of golden lion tamarins (GLTs) named Diabo and Delilah has been released in the wooded area just east of Indian Lake.

Golden Lion Tamarins

Lots of camera BOOPS from the Golden Lion Tamarin family!

Panama's tamarins

Tiny monkeys called Geoffroy's Tamarins near an outdoor cafe in Panama City, Panama.


Description : Le conseil régional de la Réunion a pris la décision de créer une route des hauts, baptisés \

Cotton top tamarins at the NEW Zoo in Suamico

The NEW Zoo in Suamico is showing off the two newest cotton top tamarins.

Training Cotton Top Tamarins

Target training with cotton top tamarins by zookeeper Lynee Nunn at the Cape May County Zoo.

The Plight of the Pied Tamarin

Pied tamarins are considered to be the most threatened primates in the Amazon rainforest. They're only found in and around the ever-expanding city of Manaus.

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